It is time to begnin thinking about the 2016 ESP Development Fund Auction.  

The Auction is always a highlight of the ESP National Conference.  This Year's

conference which will be held in Cape May, New Jersey from October 24 - 27,


The Auction raises money to help provide scholarships, grants and recognition
awards for ESP members.  The money raised goes toward the goal of $500,000
that will generate the funds necessary to annually fund member benefits.

This Year's Auction will be held on Tuesday, October 25, 2016.  The silent auction
begins prior to the Recognition Banquet and the live auction will begin after the
conclusion of the banquet.

For the auction to be successful, two thingk muct happen, first we have to have 
items donated for the sale and secondly we need members and guests to bid on
the items.  You can help with both!

If you have items you wish to donate you can either bring them with you or you
can send them to New Jersey and we will get them to the auction for you.
If you are willing to donate items, please fill out the consignment form by following
the link to the: CONSIGNMENT FORM.  Please bring a completed consignement
form (2 copies) with your items to the conference or send it along with the items if
you are shipping them to the conference ahead of time.

If you are shipping items please send the along with your consignment form (2 copies)
so they arrive by October 19th to:

ESP Auction, Jeannette Rea Keywood
1636 Delaware Avenue
Cape May, NJ 08204